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This wiki shall be the public archive of what i experience, the information i collected and the data i want to share. Because the best kind of person -- is a kind person. Open Source is not just a methodology - it's a lifestyle.

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Why would you write a Wiki that contains so much information?

I had an intriguing conversation today. A good friend of mine is the host of a meetup group which focuses on philopsophical discussions while drinking alcohol. Basically it's an international group of people that meet to have some drinks and talk about the more important topics of life.

Their newest topic is "Now".

As in present.

As in "after the past" or "before" the future.

While preparing the meetup, i had the chancel to take part in the thought process of the host. During this conversation i stated my view of how we experience time and how our past experiences shape our present being.

Regardless of my opinion regarding the topic "now", i also shared one of my more basic thoughts about time: that time itself is a limited resource, in fact the only resource that will never come back, and that we continue spending, no matter what we do. So we can either take advantage of that time, or waste it.

This means, that by taking action we shape our lives and therefor our experiences. But what does this mean for the act of writing?

If the art of writing is reflecting, sharing and expressing our past experiences with fellow humans, doenst this mean that writing itself is indeed the very act of archiving our lifes?

Does this mean that writing itself should be a more profound, a more significant aspect of our life?

I think so. By writing past articles in my blog and keeping a personal journal i was able to preserve thoughts, feelings and experiences i made in the past. Because there is another thing i learned about our minds: one cannot trust his*her own memories.

Our brain remembers things in it's own way. Not exactly how they happened, but how we interpreted them. These memories can become washed out sonner or later in time.

This effectively means: that moment in the past we cheerish so much, maybe was actually not as beautiful as we think today. And we once knew that, but nevertheless forgot it.

That in itself sounds horrible to me. How to counter this loss of memories? How can we counteract the way we loose reality in how our brain memorizes the experiences in our lifes?

By writing it down. By trying to focus for at least a few moments and reflect over situations by writing them down. Maybe just writing down what happened. Maybe by just writing down how miserable we felt when we experienced something bad.

What counts, is that we write it down. To preserve. To reflect.

To maybe someday come back to our words and think "i used to know what would happen back then, why did i not act?"

To maybe meet up with our past selves, to learn from their mistakes, more than we ever could by just thinking in the present.

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As this site is hosted by GitBook please have a look at the GitBook Privacy Statements and Cookie Policy.

Otherwise responsible for this content is me, Florian Schuttkowski. Please refer to the Imprint of my personal website.